Pacific Lanai is a 13 unit complex located seven blocks from the ocean. Please check out the community page to find the varied environs. Construction is of lath and plaster which affords more quiet living areas. Over the years, we have completed many upgrades and improvements to the building. Some projects were to relocate the laundry room, change from a flat roof to a pitched roof, replace the galvanized plumbing with copper, and replace the wooden garage doors with motorized steel roll ups. We have seven 2 bedroom and six 1 bedroom units.

Upon entry, a discriminating eye will appreciate the many amenities provided at Pacific Lanai. We have added solar panels to the roof to heat the swimming pool and the domestic hot water. A bicycle rack is located at the entry for our tenants to store their strand cruisers. A large gas bbq grill replaced an older unit in 2011. It is located near poolside for our tenants entertaining and dining pleasure. Many have compared our poolside atmosphere to that of “Melrose Place”. The building has controlled access for our tenants safety and peace of mind. In 2006 security cameras were added to give a real time remote viewing of the conditions of the complex for management. There is a large laundry room on the premises, which has three washers and three dryers with room to fold and hang up clothes. In 2004 water softeners were installed to better the bathing experience. A bonus the tenants found is that the soft water is more kind to their clothes, and it saves on laundry soap.

In 1999 Pacific Lanai was designated for one of our cities underground utility districts.  The electrical, telephone, and cable TV service needed to go from aerial service to underground.  In looking over the options at hand, we decided to upgrade the television service to utilize satellite Dish Network, which we found this technology better serves the needs of our tenants. In 2006 DIRECTV was added. HDTV, international channels, and a TIVO option as a DVR are now available for subscription.  In 2009 the satellite system was upgraded to receive all four DISH Network satellites for all channel-programming options to include High Definition TV. In 2018, Spectrum Cable service became available for subscription. Street parking at the beach can be a challenge, but we have plenty of unmetered parking for tenants and guests.