Communications provider is

Tenants of Pacific Lanai have available, an optional LAN connection to the Internet. Users can experience downloads from the Internet at a maximum speed of 7.0 Mbps and 768 Kbps upload. We are always looking at new technologies for our tenants! In 2003 we upgraded from hubs to a 10/100 Mbps switch. In 2005, a remote dial up feature included a power supply reboot option. In cases when the STATIC IP DSL modem locks up, it can be remotely rebooted, insuring minimum downtime of the LAN. In 2010 a wireless node was added to the network, and in 2013 additional nodes were added to increase capacity.

Satellite TV

Since 1999, we have offered optional satellite television connections. In 2006, DIRECTV was added. In 2009, HDTV for DISH Network was added. Tenants of Pacific Lanai may subscribe to either service. All premium and pay per view channels are available for tenant subscription too. Pacific Lanai has the capability to receive programming from DIRECTV’s six satellites, and DISH Network’s four satellites. One satellite is exclusively for the international faire. If it’s out there, you can get it.

Swimming Pool

Many prospective tenants have compared our pool area to the set of Melrose Place. We strive to make our complex peaceful and enjoyable. In 2010 we upgraded the swimming pool to meet all current building codes. The plaster pool now has new tile and is fiberglass lined. We have a professional service who cares for the pool. The pool is open year round for tenant’s use. Solar panels on the roof increase the pool’s water temperature about nine degrees during the summer months. May through October seem to be the time when the tenants use the pool the most.

Laundry Facilities

Maytag quality machines — the machines are set for home cycles — that means a full cycle wash, and a full long cycle dry. In 2004, water softeners were added to the building. Soft water does make a difference! In 2007, a bill changer was installed. Looking for that last quarter to make a load is over. Two new washers in 2016.


Cable Services

Cable TV, telephone, and Internet packages are available

BBQ Facilities


Years ago, everyone seemed to have a little Hibachi BBQ by their front door. What a mess. We thought a couple of large grills would also let our tenants have a place to entertain on those great summer nights.

Common Areas

Bike racks are provided for tenant’s use as well as extra storage compartments. Digital timers with battery backup have replaced the mechanical timers, so after a power outage occurs, the lighting will always resume with the proper time of day.

Remote sensors assist the off-site managers to insure agreed conditions are maintained in the complex.